We all have options to save and invest for the future. Start investing today to make your dreams a reality. The sooner you start investing the more time your money will have to build interest. You will also have to invest less money to reach your retirement goals if you start at an early age. Formal and registered investment portfolios are encouraged, to save for the future and get more value for your money.

Investing is a lot simpler than you think. You can open an account online with a minimal amount of money and schedule withdrawals from your bank account to your investment portfolio. Everyone is encouraged to make use of local and foreign investments to ensure they invest their money and it lasts longer and has good returns.

There is a range of investment solutions have been designed to meet a variety of investment needs e.g. Old Mutual Unit Trusts. You can build up funds for things you cannot afford right now with Old Mutual’s Investment plans. You can also make use of this list of local and foreign investment options to save for children’s college funds and big personal projects.

Standard Bank also offers a vast range of investment options, Stanlib has different ways to invest, and FNB has a wide range of savings and investment options too.

Swaziland Building Society has a wide range of investment options suitable for both short and long-term investments.

Nedbank’s investment products all have different yields, maturities and conditions to provide the right solution for you. It is recommend that you arrange a meeting with the bank to discuss your specific needs as interest rates will be quoted per transaction and will be market-related and mainly dependent on the amount and term of your investment.

FNB Swaziland boasts of a wide range of investment options. Whether you want to save for something special in the immediate future or a long term goal, FNB provides investment options that will suit your specific needs. It has the Call deposit, the 32 Day Notice Deposit, the Fixed Deposit and the Flexi Fixed Deposit. FNB also has savings accounts.

Stanlib is also renowned for their investment portfolios that adopt the best values and techniques as practiced internationally into the Swaziland investment management industry.